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Gripton Timber from Emfranbelis "Timber"

Timber is a lovely natured Labrador with amazing work ethic as well as being a lovely family pet. He is a gentle boy and has been text book with his training to be the keen hunted he is.

Hip score 3/3

Elbows 0/0

BVA Eye test Clear

Dna Test

CNM Clear

EIC Clear

HNPK Clear

SD2 Carrier (All Bitches must be a Clear to use him)


Kenxtwen Dusted Moss "Buzz" is our Young Springer Spaniel Dog 

He was bred by Will Clulee and is well stamped with his pedigree.

He is very biddable strong althetic dog.

He is proved and has produced some very well marked substanial puppies.

BVA Eye Clear 

Goniscopy 0 

AMS Clear

DM Clear

EIC Clear

FN Clear

FUCO Clear

PFKM Clear

Pra 1 Clear

Emfranbelis Alfie 

Jay is a stocky boy, has high prey drive and will work all day long. Great working dog 

Pra Clear 

We have bred him ourselves and he has produces some cracking working dogs as well as active pet puppies. 


We have a fantastic Golden cocker dog from Wll Clulee lines poolgreen diesel son. 
Arlo is a fantastic family dog with a great nose.He is fully DNA tested and clear of all hereditary diseases 
Ready to be used for the right bitches


Zoldmali Vitrouz "Rogan" our gorgeous boy has been imported at 5 months old From Zoldmali kennels in Hungary. Rogan. He coat is on point and he has great confirmation. He is a gentle giant and a great family companion. 

Hips 9/7

Elbows 0/0

BVA Eye Test Clear

HUU Clear

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